Crew Training Instructor Chelsea Purves

Chelsea Desharnais

Founder & Coach

Chelsea is the owner and Head Coach at Crew Training. Her passion for helping others realize their full fitness potential has led her to take the leap and open a  fitness studio where all our welcome and all will be encouraged to become the best, strongest versions of themselves. When Chelsea left the small town of Maple Creek (where she grew up), she ventured off to Lethbridge  College to pursue her Diploma in Exercise Science. 14 years later, Chelsea continues to be inspired by those that she has the opportunity to coach and train, and is ecstatic to have the opportunity to lead the way in creating a supportive, effective and fun community within the CREW Training Vault.

One thing she wants everyone to know, is you CAN do it, and you do NOT have to be in 'shape' to join a fitness community, like CREW. Take the hardest step, and walk through those doors - we got you from there! See you soon!

Teagan Zarowny


Teagan has a Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy Assistant and Psychology background. Born and raised in Lethbridge, Teagan grew up as a competitive athlete in soccer and rugby, eventually stepping onto the field as a collegiate athlete.

Teagan looks forward to sharing her love of health and fitness with the crew and putting a sweaty smile on your face! She is excited to bring her experience in sport and rehab to help you reach and crush your goals! Let’s work, crew!

Crew Training Instructor Teagan Lambert
Crew Training Instructor Kristina Culver

Kristina Rembowski


Kristina grew up in Medicine Hat and was always involved in a variety of sports, later becoming a coach for the summer swim club and high school girls rugby team. She then attended MHC as a student-athlete, playing for the women’s soccer team while completing her diploma in Physical and Occupational Therapy Assisting.

Her athletic upbringing inspired her to further her education and pursue a career as a Massage Therapist where she focuses on helping and educating others with injury prevention and rehabilitation. Kristina is very excited to be joining Crew Training and is looking forward to being a part of your fitness journey!

Ashley O'Reilly


Ashley grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and found a love of fitness and exercise in high school that guided her to pursue her education at the University of Regina. She made her way out to Alberta after completing her 2 degrees in Kinesiology & Sport and Recreation Studies. Ashley has a full-time job practicing as the Clinical Lead in Therapeutic Recreation where she supports individuals to improve their quality of life through their recreation and leisure pursuits. With her education and experience Ashley has supported numerous individuals through a variety of adapted exercise programming options including community-based, individual and group programming with a focus in Aquatic Therapy.

Ashley is certified through AFLCA and has additional certifications and attendances at workshops and conferences related to physical health and wellness to further advance her learning in the field. Ashley is passionate about health and wellness while supporting others to achieve their personal bests through physical activity. Ashley practices what she preaches and you will often find her up before dawn getting that first workout of the day in! Some of the most rewarding experiences these opportunities have allowed Ashley to facilitate is the relationships and connections that are formed through shared wellness. Community connection is at the heart of everything that Ashley encourages and she is looking forward to further promoting this experience for others at CREW Training!

Crew Training Instructor Ashley O'Reilly
Crew Training Instructor Ashley O'Reilly

Beth Stewart


I was first introduced to group fitness in my early 20s. I joined a group fitness gym and over the years, started to see my body get stronger and my confidence grow along with it. 

After my kids were born, I was encouraged by a friend and fitness leader, to get certified and start teaching classes. In 2015 I got my Group Fitness Certification through the AFLCA. In 2016 I also got my Pre and Postnatal Fitness Certification through Fit4Two. I started teaching both Bootcamp and MomFit classes and my love for fitness kept growing. In 2019 I also became Certified in Resistance Training through the AFLCA. I love participating in classes as much as I love coaching them. You can often find me participating in classes when I am not teaching. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow in this industry and expand my knowledge to become a well rounded leader. I look forward to coaching you in class!

Leah Schmidt


My love of fitness started in the days of the grapevine and Hi-Low impact aerobics, I was never a team sports player, but dabbled in gymnastics. I find running and lifting weights a great way to maintain my mental and physical health. The challenge of learning a new routine and picking up a heavier weight got me interested in leading classes in the early 2000's. I have trained in many fitness areas including aquasize, spin, kick boxing and kettle bells. I currently hold my AFCLA Group Fitness Certification and completed the Resistance Training certification two years ago. In 2018 I completed my Masters in Leadership through the Royal Roads University. My love of running has led to participating in fun runs and obstacle races, sometimes even talking my family into joining me (they don't let me plan the family activities anymore). I love the variety of the Crew classes and the sense of community both in the studio and with other local businesses. When I am not at the gym I work as a manager in a non-profit agency and relax by walking my two dogs and hanging with my family.

Crew Training Instructor Ashley O'Reilly
Crew Training Instructor Ashley O'Reilly

Amber Hanson


Amber grew up in the small town of Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan and it was there she developed her love of all things fitness. After playing all the sports that were available to her in high school, she carried that passion into her adult life and is now an avid runner and loves strength training. Over the past year, her passion for fitness led her to complete her Coaching certification through Canfit Pro, and loves helping others achieve their fitness goals. 

Outside of Coaching at Crew, Amber does everything she can to make a positive impact throughout our community. She is a recovery coach with Our Collective Journey, a volunteer at the Medicine Hat Root Cellar, is on multiple committees, and recently was awarded the Women in Business Inspire Award in 2022, and the 2022 Difference Maker Award through Raymond James. She has 2 beautiful teenage daughters, 2 dogs and 2 cats. Amber is excited to help each member of Crew feel their best through fitness and is looking forward to continuing to inspire each and every one of us!

Shawna N.

This is truly a workout program for anyone. Chelsea with such an approachable, positive, and motivating instructor who guides you to a level that works best for each individual. Come into this amazing space as you are, and leave feeling even better. Thank you Crew!

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